UV-P60 Germicidal Portable Unit for dry disinfection of Air and Surfaces


Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal purification is a very effective method of air cleaning by biological pollutants such as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. Range C ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit short-wave light radiation of 254 nanometers, a frequency that is highly lethal to viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.


"It has also been shown (55) that low doses of UV-C radiation are effective against viruses carried by aerosols.", ISS Istituto Superiore della Sanità, Italy, ISS Report - COVID-19 n.25 / 2020 - Interim recommendations on sanitation of non-health facilities in the current COVID-19 emergency: surfaces, interiors and clothing. - ISS COVID-19 Biocides Working Group.


Our sanitizing device uses a technology in use for over 70 years in the world hospital environment, ultraviolet rays in gamma C (UV-C), at dosage intensities suitable for the destruction of COVID19, strictly according to the parameters of many studies in the world and as also confirmed by the joint study of 7 June by the University of Milan and the IRCCS Foundation, published in international medical journals (ref.medRxiv preprint doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.06.05.20123463), in addition to the aforementioned ISS recommendations and suggestions from the COVID-19 Biocides Working Group in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


The UV-P60 germicidal unit is the most powerful on the market in such compact space. It uses UV-C lamps produced in Europe and professional components, for the itinerant and fixed destruction of viruses and bacteria in a few seconds according to the specific international criteria of rapid disinfection of air and surfaces with suspected presence of viruses (including influenza, such as COVID- 19) and bacteria, allergens and spores, suspended in the air or deposited on surfaces.


The specific criteria for 99.9% disinfection from COVID-19 virus are present in the instruction manual, and are indicated in a table of exposure times to irradiation (UV-C dosages) of the area to be disinfected, referred to the distance of the furthest point from the center of the UV-P60, in addition to indications for disinfection from other bio-pathogens (legionella, flu and many others).


As general the required times are in the range from a few seconds to many minutes depending on the number and size of the internal volumes to be disinfected and the criteria chosen to perform the disinfection. The user manual suggests precautions and optimal criteria for using this professional device, which in the version for healthcare environments and hospitals is equipped with an anti-movement protection device in the irradiation area, to avoid accidental exposure to people. There are therefore versions for home and hospital use.


The necessary dosages of UV-C rays for the destruction of various pathogens have been known for decades in scientific literature, therefore the disinfection criteria for many other disinfection target pathogens (legionella, molds, hepatitis, typhus, tetanus, salmonella for example) are also reported in the manual.



The UV-P60 unit has been designed for a considerable flexibility of use and in many different cases, for the effective and safe disinfection of the air as well as of the surfaces, as the UV-C radiation allows to reach 100% of the airborne pathogens spread evenly in range, unlike spray disinfectants which use single particles of liquid to target tiny viruses / bacteria (probability of success only statistics for the airborne fraction).


It should also be remembered that the term disinfection indicates the elimination of the concentration of pathogens in a given volume or surface, also defined as "viral load" or "bacterial load". Therefore, a reduced or absent viral load reduces or prevents the probability of contagion from flu and epidemics of contagious diseases.


The smaller version can be hand-held, as it is extremely light (aluminum, weight 1.8 Kg), powerful (34 W UVC emission, 110 W total power) and compact. The larger versions (we also produce special versions with greater power) they are equipped with wheels in addition to the handle.


Application examples::


  • quick disinfection of rooms in private homes, professional offices, shops, hotels, B&B accommodation facilities,


  • disinfection of bars, pubs, restaurants, retail and industrial catering kitchens


  • of fresh and cooked food and objects in general, food production processes


  • of toilets, lifts, hoists, garages, auto-workshops


  • of wardrobes, stairwells, closets, tool sheds, technical rooms


  • of kindergartens, schools, universities, cultural centers, conference and meeting rooms


  • offices, desks, companies, production and packaging machines, meeting rooms


  • medical offices, waiting rooms, rehabilitation rooms, funeral services


  • social welfare residences, hospitals, public reception areas, wards, delivery rooms


  • gyms, changing rooms, sports equipment, discos, dance halls, motorsport workshops


  • cars and vehicles in general, especially emergency vehicles, boats, yachts, campers


  • buses, subways, trains, trucks, police and military vehicles, auto-workshops


  • kennels and shelters for animals, breeding, feed stores


The irradiation operations must always take place in the absence of people and animals, and the people who use this device must be adequately protected from exposure to UV-C rays (use of goggles and skin covers are recommended).




Total UV-C radiation angle 170 ° (direct + reflected), direct radiation angle 130 °


Freehand positioning, temporary vertical / horizontal, fixed suspended from the wall or ceiling


Zero ozone emissions


Power cable 5 mt


A = 600 x  B = 240 x C = 220    mm






















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