The innovative Spraytecs Modular Micro-Atomizers give new interesting solutions in all industry applications where:


  • spaces are very small


  • the fluid viscosity performance after pulverization is difficult to calculate, and the right atomizer must be tuned accurately in-site among a list of capacity values


  • minimal flow rate needed


  • accurate positioning of the atomizer is critical


  • weight of the atomizer is important




Modular Micro-Atomizers were not designed as simple components, but as elements of a complete engineering system to design, test and definitively solve a wide part of spray mist applications in your industry.



They can be composed with a family of Micro-Nozzles, Micro-Pipes, Spherical Joints, and finally governed by SACS (Spraytecs Atomizers Control System) Units, a family of electronic based control units with a range of possible performances (please see details on this website, in the SACS page), friendly and easy to use.



The MA series Spraytecs Air Atomizers are modular because it is possible vary the atomizer performance, simply changing its special  Air micro-nozzle and/or the special Fluid micro-nozzle. The MA series are offered in package with a set of air micro-nozzles and fluid micro-nozzles, specialized for the Spraytecs MA Modular Micro-Atomizers. The Modular Micro-Atomizer package is suitable to give the spray performance of different atomizers, as specified in the data sheet.



Moreover the MA series air atomizers are designed also to can apply the Spraytecs Electronic Driven Variable Atomization (SEDVA), in order to spray very small liquid volumes, with a flexible adjustment of the spray flow rate for different products, in the same or different lot of production.



This can be easily obtained in your process through the SACS Control Unit action on one (or two fluids) in the same time, opening and closing the flow with the exact frequency and ratio (between open and close fraction time for every cycle) needed in the process. This method will obtain a fractionated flow, with fractions of the normal flow capacity of the atomizer.



A Spraytecs MA series Micro-Atomizers equipped with Spraytecs SACS Control Unit atomizing system can execute repetitive actions on the fluid status (flow-on or flow-off) for a minimal  time of 100 ms (if really necessary, the minimum time can reach 10 ms) to whatever time interval, after that time it is possible maintain the opposite status between 100 ms to hours, and a single SACS Unit can drive one or many MA series Micro-Atomizers.



That on-off duty cycle can be repeated by the SACS easy process set-up, or activated only when necessary by an external source, as a machine or an Host computer.



Here below is shown an application example:




In the above example, our Micro- Atomizers through a pulse-width modulation vary their flow rate during the process.

The fluid, must be atomized in the compressed air flow, is added only in accurate time intervals, repeated in a continuous cycle as shown in the squared waveform in the right. The SACS Control Unit produces a pulse-width modulation, in few words it changes the atomizer flow rate through a fractioning of the time intervals of fluid adding in the air flow. This principle give the feature to share the nominal atomizer flow rate in a smaller real flow rate in each atomizer in the process line, and m oreover both droplets size and spray shape remain the same.


This effect can be executed from the SACS when start-on, or changed during the process time by an external machine or a remote link (Wi-Fi), depending from SACS model installed.



A SEDVA process with variable atomization managed by SACS Unit with MA series atomizers, can assure:


  • Liquid saving


  • Increased productivity and processing speed


  • Costs of manufacturing reduction 


  • Control flow duty cycle ratio without limits (from 1:1 to over than 1:1000 or 1000:1)


  • A sole SACS Unit to control many atomizers, a small investment for a great result


  • Not influenced and constant spray parameters (spray angle, droplets size) when flow rate changes in automated way


  • Low fluid pressures by gravity, no needs of fluid pumps for major part of industry applications


  • Bigger size of internal flow passages, less possibilities of atomizer clogging






Here below is shown the attractive technical details of MA series Modular Micro-Atomizer:




The picture on the left shows the spray pattern of these air atomizers. 




















The above shown flow rates can be splitted with pulse driven variable atomization with a SACS Control Unit, in order to obtain the lowest and most accurated quantity of fluid in your spray.


The Modular Micro-Atomizer is available in package with the internal components to change the atomizer performance as per four different models (ex.: MAM6C1306T1, MAM6C1310T1, MAM6C1510T1, MAM6C1513T1). This is helpfully during plant or prototype set-up sessions.











Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications, in order to receive support in your decision.


Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.







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