Water mist nozzle 1/8 Spraytecs 10 degreesWater mist nozzle in action 1/8 Spraytecs 10 degreesMultiheads Water mist nozzle Spraytecs










As general, Water Mist nozzles are designed to obtain spray pattern based on more than 99% of very fine droplets, with single droplet size less than 1000 microns.


But this is only a basic standard definition of Water Mist, because many of these nozzles can generate very small droplets, in the range between 5 to 50 microns.


There are many applications where Water Mist nozzles are a key factor for the best final result, such Fire Protection systems, Explosion Protection systems, Lumber Drying, Cooling and Humidification systems.


Thus a good WM nozzle design and material quality, together with an expert technical support for the customer, make the difference between the minimal and the best process result.



We, in Spraytecs Technologies Ltd, design and manufacture water mist nozzles in both High Pressure (> 50 bar) and in Low Pressure (3 to 12 bar) according to your requests, specifically designed for your application, with an approach highly collaborative towards your technicians from the first contact.




We can accept orders also for small quantities.




Please contact us to obtain an offer about your next Spraytecs engineered Special spray device.







Here below are listed the Water Mist Spraytecs standard nozzles for applications in Low Pressure and High Pressure, with their technical data.



The water mist nozzle Spraytecs WM18O027 is designed for special applications, where the spray pattern must be directional and condensed in little spaces and at high distance from the nozzle. 

Water mist nozzle 1/8 Spraytecs 10 degrees

Main application is in the market of Fire Protection, which uses as a barrier for water protection of accesses and curtains of theaters, such as strengthening and defense of fixed and mobile mechanical protection curtains, cable ducts, chimneys, crevices and loopholes. All the mentioned cases have problems that only a specifically designed nozzle solves effectively. Where the low cost and water consumption is negligible if compared to a classical barrier protection with a blade of water to flood.


Even the uses of this Spraytecs water mist nozzle for the purpose of general risk reduction, such as cooling quote in areas subject to concentrated and abnormal overheating, can prevent fires and explosions, and thus exclude the need for action of the complete plant shutdown. Intervention that sometimes causes significant collateral damage.


It can be used both into Low Pressure  and into High Pressure water mist systems, resulting in different strategies of intervention and number of nozzles used.


Spraytecs provides the data sheets in order to use this new component to obtain a smart protection Water Mist Curtain, Economical and Effective.


The nozzle Water Mist WM18O027 is available in stainless steel AISI 303, AISI 316L and Hastelloy C276 for special applications in corrosive environments.


For the realization of convenient and low visual impact, it is proposed a complete Water Mist Curtain Spraytecs installation kit composed of stainless steel tubes diameter 12 mm or 25 mm and stainless steel fittings to configure the Water Mist Barrier tailored to your installation.





Barrier with water mist blade Spraytecs installed in a compartment of access to industrial warehouse.






  It is also strongly recommended the use of special filters Spraytecs for these water mist nozzles that have internal water passages extremely low.


The average size of 90% of the droplets present in the spray (DV90) is less than 250 microns to 3 bar (low pressure), while at 100 bar (high pressure) have a size less than 100 microns.


Here below performances, technical data sheets and aid in the design of systems with this special water mist Spraytecs nozzle, for the most appropriate use in your installation.




The same nozzle, with pressure values very different (low or high pressure) generates a conical full spray of different angle, a factor to be considered during the design phase of the system.


At a water pressure of 3 bar the spray angle is 6°, but at 100 bar it becomes of 15°.







                                                                                      Here above is shown a test phase during the development of a special

                                                                                      water mist nozzle.












Test of a water mist curtain Spraytecs for the protection of a theater curtain and the surrounding décor.



 General considerations on the distribution of a directional nozzle water mist at low pressure and the distribution to be considered at the design phase in the following figure:

Water Mist Spraytecs directional nozzles WM18O027 used at Low Pressure (3 bar) in order to obtain a water mist curtain or as general to protect a restricted and deep area.




The water mist curtain must be correctly sized and integrated with few nozzles positioned transversely, to ensure a complete partitioning by water mist. Schemes are available to suggest right solutions on the basis of heights and widths of accesses to be protected, in addition to the Spraytecs kit components (pipes and fittings stainless steel) for quick installation.



Dimensional and performances data sheet are shown in the below tables. 





















 The water mist nozzle Spraytecs WMMCQ has a compact, flat body where the nozzle aesthetics and small dimensions are important.















The water mist nozzle Spraytecs WM18L and WM18M has a miniaturized, flat body suitable when nozzle aesthetics, small dimensions are critical and performances must to be superior, to give fine droplets and uniform full cone shape.







Spraytecs WM18L miniaturized nozzles can be installed with this commonly available tool:





For any special version of water mist nozzles required, or our help in your engineered system, please write us an email with a description of your application, thanks.








Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications, in order to receive support in your decision.


Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.


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