VARIATOMIZER is a new, innovative, ultra-compact compressed Air Atomizer integrated with an High Velocity Solenoid Electrovalve (response time 10 ms).



Spraytecs Variatomizer is specifically designed to be driven by Spraytecs SACS electronic Control Units, or PLC Logic Control Units as general, and the electro-valve voltage range is  12 - 24V DC or 24 V AC.



It has internal spaces very small and eliminates all potential leakage troubles, typical of other air atomizer available on the market from other  manufacturers.



As general, all Spraytecs Air Atomizers are exempt from such problems if correctly installed and driven by fluids. Please contact us about technical support for any your issue!



This innovative compact AV series Variatomizer with full cone spray jet is suitable for many applications, and is available in different sizes and materials.




The small dimensions permits a wide range of solutions to install these atomizers in small spaces.



The above shown AV series Spraytecs Variatomizer has a flow rate of only 0.24 lph at 1 bar.










Attention: page under construction. It will be completed soon with data-sheet and other information. For any further questions please contact Spraytecs, we will be happy to answer you.










Moreover for an easy installation of the AV series Compact Air Atomizers, Spraytecs has designed a complete line of thread adaptors, compact manifolds and brackets for the best installation in your industry application.


The brackets are compact, can be positioned in-line on a suitable rail  and have built-in thread adaptors with various inlets for threads 1/4" BSP male and female, 1/8" BSP male and female, M5 female.










We can accept orders also for small quantities.




Please contact us to obtain an offer about your next Spraytecs engineered spray device.







Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications, in order to receive support in your decision.


Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.














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