Tank washing issues and specialized Cleaning Heads for the highest results


This kind of cleaning heads are the most efficient in the market of tank washing, because the high impact solid arrow jet hits the dirt tank walls with a powerful cleaning effect, and their slow movement gives the right time to deeply clean every corner and surface area of the tank.


Slow but highly reliable and costant movement is obtained through the high velocity rotation of a turbine driven by the water flow, and mechanically connected to a rotating axe. In the meantime, during rotation on two-axis of the nozzles set, water can flow in the rotating head and hit the tank surfaces, changing continuosly the surface point cleaned and assuring the complete cycle of tank cleaning in about two minutes (depending by water pressure and defined flow rate).


Water pressure range is between 5 to 150 bar, flow rate range is between 10 lpm to 60 lpm, depending by the installed nozzles flow rate and the number (2 or 4 nozzles), material is AISI 316 stainless steel.


Spraytecs cleaning heads turbo-driven are equipped with a 700 microns screen internal filter, to prevent any cloggings and protect internal parts.




We define and manufacture these products as per your requirements and thus they are really suitable for your application, through our tailored approach with your engineers starting from your first contact.


These turbine driven rotating cleaning heads may be ordered for standard applications or ATEX condition zone applications





The above table of performances is related to a set of nozzles and inyetrnal parts to obtain it.

We can vary our turbo-driven rotating cleaning head performances as per your project requirements, and in that case we will send your customized table of performances.



Please contact us to obtain an offer about your next Spraytecs engineered spray device.









Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications, in order to receive support in your decision.


Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.


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