SPRAYTECS Series UP are High Velocity, Open (Non-Automatic) Directional Spray nozzles and they are designed for use in Water Spray fixed systems for fire protection applications.


They provide a spray angle of medium value, and they discharge a uniformly filled cone of high velocity water droplets of medium size.  


The SPRAYTECS UP Water Spray series is produced today with a spray angle of 80°, but other values of openness of the jet are in development and will be very soon available. 


As general consideration, these Water Spray nozzles are suitable when a high velocity water application is required, such in case of protection of flammable liquids.


The UP series SPRAYTECS Nozzles have good performances in covering exposed vertical, horizontal, curved, and irregular shaped surfaces in cooling spray systems to prevent excessive absorption of heat from an external fire and consequent structural damage or spread of fire to the protected equipment.



Are available in these materials: brass, bronze, stainless steel 316L, with connections  1/2 " BSP and NPT.



SPRAYTECS Water Spray nozzles may have individual Strainers and Dust Caps as options. 



Here below the detailed information about Water Spray Series UP and Data Sheet are downloadable in PDF format.



SPRAYTECS Series UP Water Spray Nozzle (5 pag.)  
























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