This page shows the range of low expansion foam nozzles (expansion ratio 1: 6.5), obtained by mixing water with extinguishing agents, expressly designed for use in fire-fighting systems, which suck-in air using the Venturi principle, to generate a spray foam with low volume of expansion and good directionality with a spray angle of 130 degrees in all directions.


The minimum working pressure is 3 bar, to obtain the effect described above. The supply pipes must of course be correctly sized in order to avoid excessive pressure drops which would reduce the real pressure at the nozzle.


These nozzles are mounted on low expansion foam systems for the protection of large deposits of flammable liquids, loading areas, airport hangars, vehicle depots with onboard fuels.


Spraytecs Low-expansion Foam Nozzles are available in Pendent and Up-Right versions, depending on the delivery direction defined in the Plant Project. In case of order, the suffix UR must be added to the product code indicated below.







































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Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


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