Spraytecs STRATOS is a new Spraytecs Technology Ltd proprietary class of nozzles specifically invented and designed for the treatment and reduction of suspended particles inside fumes and gases containing various substances, therefore suitable to be installed in wet scrubbers, washing towers, Venturi scrubbers,  and everywhere is important improve pollutants selective collection in a gas treatment process design or revamping.


The name of the series of nozzles for the stream dust removal design concept is STRATOS, because the action carried out is the emission of several superimposed layers of laminar flow, with spray angle of 130°, on a circular area (as a cilindric duct), so to create a multi-layer sandwich of small droplets (200 microns on average), very close together, with air zones in the spaces between water layers.




The STRATOS nozzles Spraytecs enable new project solutions for wet scrubbers designers, because it is now possible capture a larger number of suspended particles of small size, with low consumption of water and reduced sizing of pumps in plant of treatment fumes smaller, saving money in initial investment and cost of plant or device exercise.


Details available clicking here on the right in the title: Fumes filtration technology with suspended particles captured by liquids.








The Spraytecs STRATOS nozzle is available with different flow rates, size of drops, threads and construction materials, so as to allow different design configurations, and allow the micro-particles suspended capture performances as per desired goals with different kinds of contaminants to be treated.

In many applications designers will can consider water mist flow control through an accurately designed demister stage.











Standard spray nozzles droplets have directions that raise their tangential distances between droplets distribution in the space, and distances are proportional to the distance from the nozzle orifice, that is the point of origin . This can be a problem when spray droplets must collect small size floating particles, because the percentage of collect performance varies with the distance from the nozzle orifice, and smaller particles are almost difficult to collect. This fact is partially attenuated by droplets sizes that decrease with throw distance, and raise in number.








Only affected fume particles are collected, and PMx particles direct collect percentage INCREASE with distance and raising the number of laminar water layers to overpass.






Fume particles are compressed between uniform flat jet layers (that are moderately diverging from orifice) and then collected, thus PMx particles direct collect percentage INCREASE with distance, raising the number of droplets and decreasing their sizes and mass.

Therefore new horizons are now available in PMx collect precision, thus in design, economics, dimensions, performances of Wet Scrubbers







ST18Y214MT1 14 lpm/3 bar, 4 layers (other flow rates available)




 ST18Y207MT1 7 lpm/3 bar, 2 layers (other flow rates available)





















 Different flow rates and materials are available on request.





 Different flow rates and materials are available on request.






Please contact Spraytecs to obtain help or an offer about your next Spraytecs scrubber nozzle.






Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications, in order to receive support in your decision.


Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.












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