List of Nephelaser μ devices with public data release, click to view:


 Nephelaser μ Code S/N Position Historical data
00103 Rivanazzano Terme, PV, Italy Link to data
00104 Voghera, PV, Italy Link to data


NEPHELASER is a line of professional measuring instruments (nephelometers based on laser diffraction analysis technology - For further information, read this section...) for the quality of inhalable air, specialized in PM10 fine particles (and their fractions), which are designed, manufactured and technically supported by Spraytecs Technologies Ltd, through scheduled maintenance intervals.


With all the Nephelaser models, then the portable NEPHELASER 1 and the fixed to the ground NEPHELASER μ (micro) it is possible to realize a spatial measurement method, which we have defined PM Data Cloud, for the immediate acquisition of high volumes of data sampled in rapid sequence in a certain number of collection points.

A PM Data Cloud, made with the help of our tools, is able to document the presence of air-suspended dust in a real scenario, outdoor or indoor, and therefore to assist the researcher in verifying most of the forecast diffusion models of pollutants in the atmosphere, such as PM10, gas and others.

These nephelometers have high precision and quick reading, because they repeatedly read (with a frequency between 0.8 and 1 second per reading) 6 particle size ranges and, using a proprietary algorithm, perform mass conversions of the PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 fractions of the sampled air, selecting and counting dimensions between 25 and 0.3 micrometres in addition to averages of the data processed and transmitted every 60 seconds in the NEPHELASER versions equipped with WiFi connection, according to 802.11 b, g standards, or supporting WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

Naturally they are equipped with filters that stop insects and coarse suspended parts.



Above, examples of positioning tools for measurement sessions and comparison with results from models (for more details, click on images), to check on the real scenario of deviations from forecasts and possible corrections on the model. The high precision comparison is possible because the maximum temporal resolution is equal to 1 second for the whole collection network, therefore it reaches 28 information / second / point of collection.

These resolutions and speeds are indicated for the analysis of rapid propagation of punctual emissions, such as coming from vehicles or events during certain industrial processes or accidents that cause polluting effects.

Data can be collected in the SD memories contained in the Nephelaser μ (in such case it is not necessary to activate or have a WiFi network in the field), or sent in real time every minute, or every second by WiFi, based on the Nephelaser model used for the measurement campaign.

Small Nephelasers WiFi networks can use a normal smartphone as a hot-spot router, as long as it remains constantly in the area of ​​the measurement network.

It is also possible to connect a Nephelaser μ to the office or home network, to obtain continuous recording of PM10 levels at the positioning point, indoor or outdoor.

The prices of these professional devices are competitive, for smaller models and for fixed installation. Ask us for a quotation ...!



Here are below the real-time measurements of a NEPHELASER μ instrument, activated in Rivanazzano Terme, PV, Italy:


Note: the recent high values ​​of PM10 unfortunately do not depend on errors of the instrument, which is repeatedly compared with other instruments to verify their accuracy, but from nearby emissive sources (biomass heating) which considerably worsen the air quality in certain points of the city. A similar situation occurs in countless places frequented by people, unaware of the inhaled air quality.


 Last 60 minute values -                                                                                                                                            Link to last 1400 minutes PM values...



(Free access area to read data in spreadsheet format .XLSX, click on the line below)

NEPHELASER μ active at Rivanazzano Terme, PV, Italia  

Attention, the data has the following record layout, composed of 9 fields:

created_at entry_id field1 field2 field3 latitude longitude elevation status

Field 1 contains Date + Time + Alphanumeric abbreviation

Field 2 contains Registration Sequence Number

Field 3 contains the PM10 Value

Field 4 contains the PM2.5 Value

Field 5 contains the PM1 Value

The rest are empty, except for the status field which is a checksum error flag.


 Shows Map of Nephelasers μ network:



NEPHELASER high speed nephelometers are available in various models, portable and for fixed installations, equipped with various accessories to allow precise measurements both indoors and outdoors, depending on the functions and needs of the professional user.


The researcher, the teacher, the environmental professional-analyst, the quality and safety manager of public areas or industries with workplaces exposed to risks can choose the services and functions that best suit the type of areas to be controlled, while concentrations (and variations temporal) of PM10 and micro dust are recorded on a removable SD memory, low cost and insensitive to the temporary lack of electricity.


It has been amply demonstrated that the air-suspended and inhalable concentrations of fine dust containing substances emitted by industry plants or vehicles or production processes constitute a threat to the public health of people who stay or cross areas subject, at certain times or times of the day, to overcoming of the thresholds set by the National Health Institute (NHI), the European Environmental Agency (EAA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


A precise and punctual documentation of PM10, PM2.5, PM1 dust concentration phenomena and, for more detailed analyzes, also of the concentration count per m3 of the smallest particles, ie 0.5 μm and 0.3 μm obtainable from Nephelaser Spraytecs, capable of simultaneously recording of different particle size classes on 6 channels, it is a valid aid for scientific research or evaluation of suspected air pollution situations, to support recovery / containment of the problem, and to validate the results obtained after use of such solutions. The reference of the measurements is the concentration per cubic meter and to 1/10 of a liter, based on the size of the laser diffraction reading chamber of the instrument, and to the hourly capacity of the air intake micro-pump, absolutely silent and therefore suitable for reliefs even in indoor environments such as reading rooms, waiting rooms and offices.


In some models is also possible to measure (thanks to the Shot-REC mode)  the sampling and recording of 28 data and physical quantities at maximum frequencies between 0.8 and 1 seconds,  thus the temporal variations of concentration in precise points of an area, allowing to record in real time the propagation in the atmosphere of the PM generated by an emissive source; for example it is possible to document, each second or less, the emission of dust that occurs during the passage of a polluting vehicle or during an industrial process in which there are puffs or leaks of fumes in some processing phases, recording the number of particles as a sampled number and gravimetric estimated weight, associated with recording date and time istant. By associating this data with one or more external cameras, new goals are available in the methods of analysis of the emission processes of fine dust in both indoor and outdoor environments.


The larger memory storage capacity and the more extended battery life (> 28 hours of recording) in his instruments class allow sampling at maximum speed (<1 sec) and accuracy of huge amounts of useful data, reaching new performance targets that are difficult to match in this class of portable professional tools.


A continuous measurement events campaign at max speed over 2 to 8 years can be recorded and contained in a single SD memory accessible in a convenient slot (depending on the capacity inserted in the NEPHELASER), user-replaceable memory in a few seconds. An important detail because even the time factor in a measurement campaign with multiple tools has a high value for the professional user. And the SD memory will store data without power for a virtually infinite time.


Reading and extracting data in real time on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone is possible via cable connection to the protected USB port of the NEPHELASER nephelometer, or through WiFi connection to web pages for some Nephelaser models.


The convenient ZONE function allows the very precise organization of the environmental data measurement / recording campaign, because it makes possible to assign a Zone name to each registration point, before the registration is started. At the end, the recording is suspended, to then assign a new zone name to the new point of the measurement map, from which to start sampling values again. The maximum number of assignable zones is over than 1.5 million for each SD memory used.


In some NEPHELASER models the proprietary laser sampling algorithms perform real-time corrections based on meteorological variations (relative humidity, barometric pressure, temperature) detected by quality sensors in the instrument, in order to improve the accuracy of the data collected,  without altering the actual characteristics of the sampled air fluid, because the air is not heated before being measured, thanks to the extended range of working conditions (from -10 ° to + 60 ° Celsius, from 0 to 98% of relative humidity without condensation) . In this way some aerodispersed substances in opaque gaseous form present in PM10 are maintained and detected, thus not destroyed during sampling.





Contact SPRAYTECS for any clarification or possible doubts related to potential critical issues, or related to the characteristics of particular environments or to substances present in aerosol fluids and/or present in your applications and measurement sessions.

In case of precise need of the customer, special solutions can be realized as new performances or accessories of our laser nephelometers.

New accessories are already under development.


Ask for the reference of the nearest NEPHELASER Dealer.


Contact us for an economic quotation request for:

  • a NEPHELASER tool,
  • a NEPHELASER complete set with instrument, accessories, protective aluminum case (if not already included in the model of interest)
  • the whole provision of contemporary measurement campaigns with the use of more NEPHELASER laser samplers and possible accessories
  • a NEPHELASER tool maintenance service















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