These SPRAYTECS nozzles are very low, and are useful in all situations where compact dimensions are very important. Industry processes, machinery spaces, belt washing with small spaces available need of special compnents as these Compact SPRAYTECS Nozzles. They produce flat sprays characterized by low and medium flow rates, and small and medium size droplets.


If mounted in series on manifolds or pipes, these Spraytecs  nozzles produce a linear zone with uniform distribution of drops, suitable for continuous manufacturing processes (conveyor belts cleaning, surfaces cooling, and many others).

The flat jet is formed by the concentration of the drops at the nozzle outlet (orifice), which form angles of different amplitudes according to the parameters of the project.

In this case, the spray is produced on the same line with respect to the axis of the feed tube of the nozzle, then defined "axial" .

The droplets produced by these nozzles SPRAYTECS are of small and medium diameter, with spray angles between 45° and 120°, obtained by means of the adoption of a special form of orifice, which determines flow rate and droplet size.

These flat jet nozzles have an high impact and an high efficiency, this means that employ a smaller amount of fluid to obtain the spray angles of the desired coverage.

In the dimension of 1/4" they have not good resistance to occlusions, because their minimum free passage is quite small. It is therefore recommended to use clean fluids, not containing suspended big parts that can affect the functionality of the nozzle.

To obtain the certainty of a good service of these SPRAYTECS nozzles, the use of fluids without heavy impurities is recommended. This may be obtained with the adoption of an adequate filtering of the fluids which must be used by these nozzles.




These spray nozzles are suitable for the following applications : 


  • lubrication
  • foam control
  • foam spraying
  • filter cleaning
  • spray cleaning
  • washing processes
  • belt cleaning
  • coating
  • steam cleaning
  • degreasing
  • gravel washing
  • cooling
  • surface treatment
  • phosphating
  • rain curtains


Note that these SPRAYTECS nozzles are available in brass and in stainless steel, in PVC and in PTFE materials in the flow rates and spray angles indicated in the tables.








The picture on the left shows the spray pattern of these nozzles




Ask us for price, performances and other information about products present here.


Check with SPRAYTECS for critical dimension, pressure, capacity, fluids in your applications, in order to receive support in your decision.


Nozzle materials must meet correctly chemical composition of fluids in your processes, always remember it.


Spray angle performance varies with pressure. Contact SPRAYTECS for specific data on your critical applications.








































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